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The Front 30 Ranch Difference

We like longhorns that look good and that are not bothered by people in their midst. Texas Longhorns are to be enjoyed. Every longhorn we have on our ranch is here for a reason. Our herd sires and foundation cows were selected because of their uniqueness and ability to contribute to building a great herd. Each has a story to tell that we are anxious to share. Unlike some longhorn breeders, we do not downgrade an animal that fails to exhibit a potential to grow a 70+ inch horn spread. We do not endorse the race to raise "FrankenHorns". Others can. Our longhorns have great horns, as they should. However, at our ranch, we applaud and emphasize the whole animal. It is all about confirmation. We always valued getting a good deal when we were establishing our herd and the knowledge that we spent our money wisely. In the process, we also established a bond with sellers. We have no problem carrying their brand in our herd. When you add a Front 30 Ranch longhorn to your herd we are confident you will feel the same.
Front 30 Ranch longhorns must possess three, non-debatable traits: (1) a genetic heritage that represents the very best the breed has to offer, (2) a gentle disposition that insures an ease of workability, and (3) virility to propagate the desirable traits of our herd sires and our foundation cows to produce an outstanding calf crop.

Genetic Heritage

Concealed Weapon, from the outstanding program of Mark Hubbell, is widely recognizd as one of the most outstanding bull the longhorn industry has produced in the past ten years. With in excess of 200 registered offspring in the TLBAA Registry alone, this bull has made and continues to make his mark.

(TLBAA# BI79160*)

Our herd sire, Front 30 Strategic, is a pasture-bred son of Concealed Weapon.

Drag Iron requires no introduction to the Longhorn community. As the 2014 Horn Showcase World Champion and Longhorn Expo Champion Horn Composite his magic formula of a trim and thick size, earthy-inky chocolate brindle color, and perfect confirmation are a benchmark against which all others are compared. If horn is your game, he recorded the 3rd highest composite measurement of 214" back in 2014 and currently exceeds 221".

(TLBAA# BI89055*)

Our herd sire, Stretch Iron, is a Drag Iron son. Stretch Iron joined our herd in June 2017. His first calf crop arrived in April 2018.


Being able to walk amongst our longhorns without fear or threat of aggression is an absolute necessity. Our herd is a relaxed one and is not bothered by the proximity of grandkids, friends, and guests. The combination of a calm disposition and common sense on the human side create a positive image for Texas Longhorn ownership.


Still, Texas Longhorns are big, they have horns, they are instinctive, and they are animals. At the same time, they are gentle, intelligent, inquisitive, and calming.

Of course they all eat cubes from your hand.


Front 30 Strategic has sired in excess of 50 offspring. While his calves are colorful and maturing nicely, he has thrown an incredible percentage of heifer calves. In 2017, heifer calves totaled 11 (79%) and in 2016, the number was 11 heifers (62%). That's money in the bank.

Stretch Iron's first calves hit the ground in April 2018. Prior to joining us, he sired a number of impressive calves at his previous home in Overbrook, Oklahoma.

Our foundation cows exhibit excellent mothering instincts and are consistent producers. Many have had two calves within a single calendar year.